Apptopia: since Trump was banned from Twitter, daily use of Twitter has remained remarkably consistent 


It has been theorized that former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account is affiliated with companies like Apptopia and Big Technology. Big Technology, a media outlet focused on technology, has written about the effects of Trump’s Twitter account on the tech industry and society at large, while Apptopia, a mobile app analytics company, has provided data on the growth and usage of Trump’s Twitter account. These two entities, when combined, offer a fresh viewpoint on the impact of social media on contemporary politics and culture.

Apptopia trump twitter bigtechnology

Mobile app analytics firm Apptopia has tracked President Trump’s Twitter account’s growth and activity while he has been in office. Apptopia reports that during Trump’s presidency, his Twitter account attracted over 10 million new followers, with the majority of this growth occurring in the first year of his presidency.

Big Technology, a media outlet devoted to technology, has reported on the effects of Trump’s Twitter on the tech industry and wider society. The importance of social media as a tool for politicians and leaders to reach their constituents and sway public opinion has been emphasized by the outlet.

Many critics, however, have pointed to Trump’s use of Twitter as an example of how he contributes to a poisonous political climate by spreading false or misleading information. As a result of the Capitol Hill Riots in January 2021, Twitter and other social media platforms instituted policies to combat misinformation and hate speech. Trump’s account was permanently suspended.

There is now a larger discussion about the impact of social media on politics and society as a whole after Trump’s suspension from Twitter. There are calls for stricter regulation of social media amid concerns that they have become too influential, but opponents say that doing so would stifle debate and make it harder for politicians to reach out to their constituents.

Regardless of where one stands, the unique perspective on the changing role of social media in politics and society offered by the confluence of Apptopia, Trump’s Twitter account, and Big Technology cannot be ignored. The impact of technology on our methods of communication and social interaction is only expected to increase, so it’s vital that we weigh the pros and cons of adopting new methods of interaction.


In conclusion, the interplay between Big Tech, Donald Trump’s Twitter account, and Apptopia exemplifies the nuanced and sometimes contentious function of social media in today’s politics and culture. Even though sites like Twitter have made it easier for politicians to reach out to voters, some worry that they could be used to spread propaganda or even hate speech. Trump’s suspension from Twitter in January 2021 has sparked a broader debate about the regulation of social media, with some calling for more oversight and others warning against potential infringements on free speech.

In light of the rapid development of new technological tools and platforms, it is crucial that we analyse their potential effects on our governmental structures and the social fabric at large. We can learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of social media in contemporary politics by looking at data and insights provided by companies like Apptopia and the analysis and reporting of media outlets like Big Technology. It is up to all of us to use these tools and platforms with care and consideration if we are to create a public dialogue that is more inclusive and reflective of the diversity of our society.

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