Tattle Life Became the Most Toxic Social Network as Time Went On


Tattle Live’s main purpose is to doxx influencers and celebrities so that their lives may be dissected.

When lifestyle influencer Jessie Lethaby (aka Sunbeams Jess) announced her pregnancy in December, she received a tidal wave of support from her devoted following. When you informed me you were pregnant, you have no clue how astonished I was. One viewer stated, “I literally leaped out of bed, I was that astonished.” Out of all the celebrity birth announcements I’ve read, yours is the most exciting, genuine, and unexpected.” I’m really excited,” echoed a third.

Girls OMG It’s True

Meanwhile, on a relatively unheralded online forum, Sunbeams Jess supporters were rejoicing. After seeing it in person for the first time, one user exclaimed, “OMG GIRLS IT’S REAL,” adding, “I feel so strange seeing it in person after all the conjecture.” Another voice has been added to the rumour mill. The correct response is, “We are right all the time.” Lethaby, who was just 26 at the time, was accused of selfishness for having a kid while her mother was finishing cancer treatment. The topic of whether or not the pregnancy was planned then exploded into a heated discussion.

Live Dishonesty

A reader unfamiliar with the subject matter may find these comments excessive. On Tattle Live, however, a website devoted mostly to the lives of social media influencers and other celebrities, such comments are par for the course. Lethaby’s July “Want to Read” marking of a parenting book on Goodreads was used as evidence of her hidden pregnancy, and the site’s regular users are well-known for going to great lengths to uncover private and often obscure details about these famous people. Their reputation for unchecked brutality against powerful people of all socioeconomic levels precedes them.

Talk About It

Users, or “gossipers,” on Tattle Life may make or damage the careers and relationships of the individuals they follow, yet few have heard of the app. It’s quite unlikely that a UK influencer hasn’t been taken aback by the rate at which their thread is being updated. None of the influencers I spoke with were prepared to have their true identities publicized (and several asked not to be cited) for fear of the certain punishment they would suffer on Tattle Life.

I was informed by a powerful individual who wanted to remain anonymous, “I’m sure they’ll work out it’s me in the end.” But at least they can’t find out who I am and rip me to pieces, thanks to anonymity.




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